BSDCan2016 - v1.1.24a

BSDCan 2016
The Technical BSD Conference

Luiz Otavio O Souza
Day Talks #2 - 11 June - 2016-06-11
Room DMS 1120
Start time 10:00
Duration 01:00
ID 699
Event type Lecture
Track Hacking
Language used for presentation English


An IP router over netmap for FreeBSD

netmap-fwd is an userland router application over netmap for FreeBSD, easy to use, tightly coupled with the O.S. and aimed at 10G networks.

netmap-fwd closes the gap between the netmap framework (and current applications - VALE switch, bridges, ipfw) and the well known FreeBSD network stack.

You can now route your packets as you always did with all the benefits of netmap performance and features.

This talk presents the current state, implementation details, performance data, usage and gives an idea of what is in our roadmap.

netmap-fwd was first presented in Brazilian BSDCon.