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BSDCan 2016
The Technical BSD Conference

Vinícius Zavam

IPv6 enthusiast, BSD systems evangelist, and responsible for the reborn of the Brazilian OpenBSD Users Group ( Currently researcher at "Laboratório de Inovação Tecnológica - LIT", working directly with FreeBSD and NetBSD on embedded devices like BeagleBone-Black and Raspberry-Pi.

Besides being scholar/researcher, computer engineering student and being working directly with Information Technology, I also enjoy to study languages like Hungarian, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, German, English and the Brazilian Signs Language (LIBRAS). Contributed (volunteer) to the FreeBSD and the OpenBSD projects, in a effort to translate their FAQ, handbooks, articles/tutorials and other materials to Brazilian Portuguese.

Organized the very first international BSD Conference in Brazil (BSDCon Brazil 2015), where many powerful BSD systems were covered and featured to a great number of participants; students and professionals from different areas of research and development.

Got closer to the Tor BSD Diversity Project ( and its benefits a bit late; but tries to contribute, and help/support its goals.

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