BSDCan2016 - v1.1.24a

BSDCan 2016
The Technical BSD Conference

N.J. Thomas
Day Talks #2 - 11 June - 2016-06-11
Room DMS 1120
Start time 12:45
Duration 00:45
ID 773
Event type Meeting
Track BOF
Language used for presentation English

BSDCan PGP Key Signing Party

We will be having a PGP Key Signing Party at BSDCan 2016.

A GPG keyring with all the public keys on the key list will be posted at once keys are collected.

More information on what a keysigning party is:

Should you wish to participate, here are the instructions:


Email your key to, preferably well before the session starts. To get your key in emailable form use this command:

$ gpg --armor --export KEY_ID > mykey-$USER.asc

Then copy and paste the contents of this file in an email. The key list, and a GnuPG keyring export will be available for your convenience at the following URL:

Things to Bring

* Physical attendance
* Positive picture ID (two piece of ID are recommended at least one should be government issued)
* pen/pencil, something to write with
* no computer

During the Event

We will distribute printed copies of the key list to everyone participating. Everyone will verify the fingerprint of their keys. Everyone will identify every other participant.


Go home with the list of keys you have verified and sign the key.

Need more info? Email