BSDCan2012 - Slide Update J

BSDCan 2012
The Technical BSD Conference


KY leads the effort in supporting non-Windows Operating Systems on Microsoft platforms.

K. Y Srinivasan is a Principal Architect in the Windows Server and Cloud Division at Microsoft, where he has been leading the effort to enhance the support for non-Windows Operating Systems on Hyper-V. K. Y comes to Microsoft from Novell where he was a Distinguished Engineer, leading a number of key platform initiatives: K. Y was the Chief Architect for Modesto – the 64 bit NetWare platform. Most recently, K. Y led the virtualization efforts at Novell that included HyperV emulation on Xen and has made significant contributions to the “Intelligent Workload Management” strategy at Novell – K. Y has filed more than 20 patents in the areas of virtualization and workload management. Prior to joining Novell, he was a Distinguished Member Of Technical Staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he was an architect and a key contributor to several releases of the UNIX Operating System. His areas of interest are: Operating Systems, OS virtualization and Fault-tolerant computing. K. Y. has a Ph.D in Fault-tolerant computing.