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BSDCan 2012
The Technical BSD Conference

Will Andrews

Will Andrews is a software developer from Colorado, USA.

Will has been a FreeBSD user since February 1997. He worked on FreeBSD ports from 1999-2004, helping to start the KDE/FreeBSD project and the FreeBSD Ports Management Team along the way. Will remains interested in packaging and build systems, although they have not been a primary focus for some time.

Will is a 2004 Purdue University computer engineering graduate, where his primary focus was on hardware and low-level software. Since then, Will has worked on a variety of products in the areas of consumer electronics, storage, software testing, and networking. His development work has ranged from a FPGA-synthesized MIPS CPU to DOCSIS cable modem firmware to SCSI drivers & filesystems to Rails web apps.

In his copious spare time, Will enjoys playing racquetball, throwing mud on a wheel, and working on various home improvement projects.


will at freebsd dot org