BSDCan2012 - Slide Update J

BSDCan 2012
The Technical BSD Conference


Olivier Van Acker

Olivier has been working in the broadcast industry for over 10 years, starting as a broadcast engineer, building broadcast vans specifically tailored for live video streaming and broadcasting major festivals in northern Europe. Since then he has worked as a software engineer and architect on several IPTV projects, including the BBC iPlayer project, a huge on-demand video application with millions of users every day.

He is currently working in the London startup scene, building and designing large, scaleable applications for global use while completing an MSc. in computer science. The subject of his dissertation is the implementation of the stream control transmission protocol (SCTP) in the computer language Go.

Born in Belgium and raised in Holland, Olivier now considers himself a Londoner and spends his spare time walking the city in pursuit of hidden cultural & architectural highlights and the perfect breakfast.


cyberroadie at gmail dot com