BSDCan2012 - Slide Update J

BSDCan 2012
The Technical BSD Conference

Kris Moore
Day Tutorials - 1 - 2012-05-09
Room DMS 3105
Start time 09:00
Duration 03:00
ID 300
Track Tutorial
Language used for presentation English

Maintaining your own PBI package repository

PBI Repository

This tutorial would cover all the major aspects of using the new PBI build and distribution system. We will take a look at how to create and maintain a repository of software for either public or private use. In addition we will dig deeper into how to run a build system, building PBIs from FreeBSD ports, either manually or in a fully-automated manner. Advanced topics such as custom build options, installation scripts and more will also be presented.


Introduction The philosophy of the PBI format Use cases Improvements in the format for 9.0

Building Creating PBIs from the FreeBSD ports tree Building from static content

Distributing Creating a new repository (rpo) Setting up public / private repository Distributing packages to clients

Maintaining Running an automated build server Adding PBIs to repository indexes Add / Remove / Translating meta-data Dealing with binary diff updates

Advanced Topics Customizing your makes Using pbi modules to customize ports / PBIs

Time Frame

A half-day tutorial would suffice, between 2 and 2.5 hours.

Target Audience

System Administrators for medium / large businesses, ports maintainers, users of FreeBSD or PC-BSD who run packages on servers or desktops.