BSDCan2012 - Slide Update J

BSDCan 2012
The Technical BSD Conference

Baptiste Daroussin
Day Talks - 2 - 2012-05-12
Room MRT 218
Start time 13:30
Duration 01:00
ID 292
Event type Lecture
Track System Administration
Language used for presentation English


Modernising FreeBSD package management

pkgng is a new package manager for FreeBSD, it aims at bringing modern package management features for FreeBSD

Pkgng is a completely new package manager rewritten from scratch. It aims at replacing the old pkg_install. It is developed on top of new libpkg which is the high level library that does all the package management, it brings new features such as safe upgrade, (multi) repository support, integrity checking and more. It has been designed to be extensible while remaining fully compatible with the current FreeBSD ports tree.