BSDCan2009 - Final Release

BSDCan 2009
The Technical BSD Conference

Stephen Borrill
Day Talks - 1 - 2009-05-08
Room MNT 203
Start time 11:00
Duration 01:00
ID 140
Event type Lecture
Track Embedded
Language used for presentation English

Building products with NetBSD - thin-clients

NetBSD: delivering the goods

This talk will discuss what thin-clients are, why they are useful and why NetBSD is good choice to build such a device.

This talk will provide information on some alternatives and the strengths and weaknesses of NetBSD when used in such a device.

It will discuss problems that needed to be addressed such as how to get a device with rich functionality running from a small amount of flash storage, as well as recent developments in NetBSD that have helped improve the product.