BSDCan2009 - Final Release

BSDCan 2009
The Technical BSD Conference

Mark Linimon

Mark Linimon is a computer consultant who holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree from Rice University in Houston, Texas. He has been using various Unix-based systems at home since 1987.

Mark's experience with computers began in high school with a vacuum-tube based unit. From that he moved on to time-shared minicomputers, and, while at Rice, early microprocessors (Intel 8-bit family). Since then he has worked on various projects including oilwell instrumentation systems, medical instrumentation systems, image recognition systems, VMEBus-based general computer systems, telecommunications systems, and Java-based middleware systems. He has experience in C, assembler, Java, and Python on various computer systems. He has been a FreeBSD contributor since 2002.

Within FreeBSD he holds two positions -- one on the Ports Management team (portmgr) and one on the Problem Report Database administration team (bugmeister). In addition he has written the Ports Monitoring System to correlate data from the package building cluster, the Problem Report Database, the source control repository checkins, and other sources.