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BSDCan 2007
The Technical BSD Conference

Mark Linimon

Mark Linimon is one of the members of the FreeBSD Ports Management and FreeBSD Problem Report Database Management teams.

Mark Linimon started out working on early microprocessor-based designs centered around the Intel 8080A and derivatives. He was a very early customer of BSDi and participated in Usenet starting in the 2400 baud UUCP days. He has had some kind of Unix-derived system at home since late 1988.

In his career, Mark has worked on systems to: read oil logging data from oilfeed tools; analyze bacterial samples in machine tool lubrication systems; mix components for paint; authenticate the legitimacy of Levi's Jeans; read documents for the IRS; automate telephone testing equipment; and distribute databases to multiple CPUs.

He has been a FreeBSD user since the late 1990s, a contributor since 2002, and on the ports management team since 2004. To date, his main interests have been the ports infrastructure; the FreeBSD documentation; and the Problem Reports (PR) database.