BSDCan2007 - Confirmed Schedule

BSDCan 2007
The Technical BSD Conference

Robert Krten
Day 3
Room SITE B0138
Start time 13:30
Duration 01:00
ID 8
Event type Lecture
Track Security
Language English

Home Security / Monitoring with FreeBSD

Audio, Video, and Data Capture at Home

This presentation illustrates the individual components of the author's home security / monitoring system, which includes a voice activated call recorder, a caller ID DSP software modem, weather station, a motion activated video recording system, and miscellaneous interface tools. A technical focus will present source code and discuss implementation details, very much a "how to" presentation.

In this talk, I intend to present an overall "big picture" view of the system that I have at home. It includes a voice activated call recorder that is connected to the incoming phone lines and gives me a record of each and every conversation. This includes decoding of the caller ID tones as they come in in realtime via a DSP program. In conjunction with that, the decoded caller ID is then displayed on a TV channel in the house, so that it can be referred to from any TV, as well as being logged to disk. There are two video cameras, with plans to boost this to four, that are aimed at various locations outside. An 8x8x3 audio/video switch (custom built) is controlled by the PC and selects the video source for the motion activated recording package to look at and capture. Only frames with sufficient motion are captured, and written to disk as JPEGs and later compressed into a DIVX movie each midnight.

In this talk, I want to present the big picture, followed by implementation details of how each piece was built, and the challenges and pitfalls that were encountered and overcome.