BSDCan2017 - 0722b

BSDCan 2017
The Technical BSD Conference

Emmanuel Vadot
Day Talks #1 - 9 June - 2017-06-09
Room DMS 1120
Start time 11:15
Duration 01:00
ID 813
Event type Lecture
Track Embedded
Language used for presentation English

FreeBSD ARM : Before Kernel

This lecture describe the boot process of FreeBSD on ARM and the ongoing effort to upstream our local patches for U-Boot (An opensource bootloader for embedded devices) and DTS (DeviceTree Source) into the Linux Kernel.

Booting FreeBSD on an ARM board relies on three things :

  • U-Boot (An opensource bootloader for embedded devices)
  • ubldr (a version of loader (8) using the U-Boot API)
  • DTB (Devicetree Blob, a file that describe the hardware that we are running on).

You, of course, also need drivers for the board System On a Chip but this is beyond this talk. Therefore it is important to keep up with U-Boot release as adding support for a new board will require support for it in U-Boot. It is also important to keep up with the DTS (Devicetree Syntax, the file that will be converted in a DTB) that we import from the Linux Kernel project as new board means new DTS file for it.